By: Travais | August 15, 2016

Short of the solution:  Open the infoview shortcut as an admin and provided you have admin rights to the logged in user, all subsequent requests will be set.

After not focusing on Check Point for awhile, a client requested a solution to integrate Check Point and Fortigate within their environment. 

They have Check point as their main security gateway, and based on the two ISP limitation sought another device for load balancing their ISP links.  Naturally, I suggested to complicate it a bit and introduce a second tier gateway within their budget,  enter Fortigate.

The solution would require an assessment of their current security policy as well as routing and NAT, then extract the required policies, convert them to a suitable format and apply those configurations to the Fortigate.  No small task, but infoview with Check Point is a friend.

I got a recent cpinfo and was ready to take on this awesome task.  Installed infoview, selected the cpinfo, and the error was received.  What the heck, alright I'll open the link with the shortcut.  Same message!  Crud!  Hmm!  I'll run as admin, and it opened.  Closed it off and ran it without admin, and opened once more.

Opened the cpinfo with an arbitrary extension I associate it with, and opens fine.

Found the sk86200 references the same solution.

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